AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts, just like in most applications, can help you to save a lot of time making your drawing go much faster.

Some AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts are well known, like Control+S to save a drawing or Control+N to create a new drawing file (WINDOWS® default shortcuts), but in this article we´ll show you 5 keyboard shortcuts which not most people are aware of.

Usually AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts are confused with AutoCAD® shortcuts. It’s important to note that AutoCAD® shortcuts are just drawing commands (like LINE or PLINE) that are written, via the keyboard, in AUTOCAD® command window and executed pressing Enter or Space keys. AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts are commands automatically executed by pressing a key combination, no need to press Enter (or Space bar in AutoCAD®) to confirm.
1 When you need to select all the objects in an AutoCAD® drawing: Control+A


2 Want to clear grips on selected objects? Just hold down right mouse button. OK, this is not exactly in the AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts group, so you can use Escape key to do the same job.

3 Several hot grips in a selected object? Shift+mouse clic to select more than one:


4 Cycling through object snaps? Use Tab key to show available object snaps:


5 Want to cycle through open Drawings? Control+Tab is the shortcut you are looking for!

So there you have it! 5 “new” AutoCAD® keyboard shortcuts. Did you know about them? Just leave your comments below.

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